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Chiller Tube Sales Inc.

Tubes shipped from stock

Chiller Tube Sales provides tubes for Carrier, Trane, York and Daikin chillers. This includes tubes for Centrifugal, Absorption and Screw chillers.
We maintain a large inventory of most commonly used tubes. 


At Chiller Tube Sales Inc. we go the extra mile to make our customer’s job easier. Special packaging or job site deliveries are some of the ways we help. We go the extra mile to make our customer’s job easier. With over 30 years of experience and a huge inventory Chiller Tube Sales can help make your next chiller re-tubing job successful.


Chiller Tube Sales, Inc. is able to help its customer by providing the tubes they need when they need them. This allows our customers to win more jobs.

Quality Products

Our in stock Enhanced surface tubes are Made in the USA by the largest manufacture of Chiller Tubes in the world. Using the latest technology in manufacturing and testing.


Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in this specialized field. If you need tubes for a Carrier, Daikin, Trane or York chiller we know specifications required.


Chiller Tube Sales can provide 1 tube or 10,000. We communicate and provide the details you need each step of the way. Contact us now for more information!

We offer a price that is competitive and make sure the tubes arrive safely. Call us with your chiller model number, part number, or specifications, we can help. We have provided chiller tubes worldwide. We offer specialized boxing if needed and can make special delivery arrangements as required.


Replacement Chiller Tubes For

  • Trane

  • York

  • Carrier

  • Daikin

  • And Others

Heat Exchanger Tubes

  • Copper C12200 5/8″ and 3/4″

  • Copper/Nickel 90/10 C70600 5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″

  • SB111

  • SB543

  • SB359

Military Spec Tubes

  • MILT15005

  • MILT22214

  • Copper Tubes

  • Copper/Nickel Tubes

  • SB359

  • SB111

  • SB543

  • Milt15005

  • Milt 22214

  • Heat Exchanger Tubes

  • Internally Enhanced Tubes

  • Condenser Tubes

  • Evaporator Tubes

  • Absorber Tubes

  • Absorption Tubes

  • Generator Tubes

  • Concentrator Tubes

  • U-Bend Tubes

  • Carrier Tubes

  • Trane Tubes

  • York Tubes

  • Daikin Tubes

  • Mcquay Tubes

  • Dunham Bush Tubes

  • Sanyo Tubes

  • Hitachi Tubes

  • Turbo Chill

  • Turbo C

  • Turbo CII

  • Turbo CIII

  • Turbo CSL

  • ST Tru-Fin

  • Turbo DX

  • Turbo B

  • Turbo BII

  • Turbo BIII

  • Turbo EHP

  • Turbo ELP

  • Turbo MDL

  • GEWA C+




  • GEWA C4

  • GEWA C5

  • GEWA B2

  • GEWA B4

  • GEWA B5


  • Olin

  • Wieland

  • Wolverine

  • Eddy Current Testing Standards

Over 100 years of Experience. We can help!

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